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 Price HotSmart Hot Gourmet Plates - InstaHot 30 minute Plus (Patented) price

 Price HotSmart Hot Gourmet Plates - InstaHot 30 minute Plus (Patented) price

Price HotSmart Hot Gourmet Plates – InstaHot 30 minute Plus (Patented) Price

1. Patented HOTSMART HOT PLATES are the only ones IN THE WORLD that keep food from getting cold (Stefan-Boltzmann technology); CLICK THUMBNAILS next to the image for details. 2. Microwave ONE minute HotSmarts stay hot for over HALF HOUR; the only plates IN THE WORLD with a HEATER CORE integrated, 3. HotSmart plates are also widely used for caregiving, WLS and people with special needs (elder care, etc.), no need to fill them with hot water simply preheat them in the microwave for ONE single minute and they will remain still hot for more than 30 minutes (HALF HOUR), designed to keep food warm safely and easily. No more cold bland food. – 4. This is a real breakthrough: The ONLY functional change to the ceramic plate in history.. 5. IMPORTANT HotSmart plates may also help you EAT SLOWLY and AVOID OVEREATING (They could even help you LOSE WEIGHT) by acquiring the habit of eating slowly (Google “eating slowly”). – (Remember: Your food will not get cold), you’ll get satisfied with LESS CALORIES (By all means research “eating slowly”). – 6. HotSmarts bring the luxury of eating on HOT plates at home safely and easily (Safe bare hand handling by the rim which does not get hot). – 7. HotSmarts (in bone china) are elegant and appropriate for formal dinners 8. A normal preheated plate is difficult to preheat, unsafe to handle and will cool down in 5 minutes anyway no matter how much or how you preheat it (This is a NEW patented technology). – 9. HtSmarts can be handled SAFELY with the BARE HANDS, they have a COOL RIM and -by means of A DELAY ACTION- they do not overcook or overheat your food (like eggs, pasta, etc.). – 10. HOTSMARTS use a proprietary HEATING ELEMENT – IMPORTANT: DO NOT overheat; it is NOT necessary USE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED (or search: “how to use HotSmart plates” on the internet). Simply: “Zap and serve” (TM) and your food will not get cold. Ideal for mindful eating.

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  • KEEPS FOOD HOT (throughout the meal!). Needs ONLY ONE min. microwaving
  • SAFE HANDLING (bare hands). stays still HOT after more than 30 minutes.
  • The only plate IN THE WORLD that keeps food hot through the meal
  • Gourmet Plate in elegant BONE CHINA; can be used for formal dinners
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY Click THUMBNAILS below image to learn about it

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